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What You'll Learn

Manage Personal Finances

Generate Passive Income

Apply the Best Investment Strategies

It'll all change when the perspective towards finances changes, resulting in a ‘Financial Breakthrough’. The more you learn, the better you understand. 
It is just that, you need a proper mind-set to understand the finances. What is needed to be an investor?
An ‘Investor Mind-set’ would be the answer. Now tell aloud to yourself “I have an investor mind-set.”


Now that you’ve made up your mind, our coach, Dr. Mani Pavitra shall break this ‘assumed-to-be complex’ subject, for you all. So before going any further, take a piece of paper and write down the amount that you want to earn by the next year.

Dr. Mani Pavitra

Our Financial Breakthrough coach, Dr. Mani Pavitra, an Orthodontist, Socialpreneur, a Finance and Life Coach will mentor you through this journey of achieving the ‘Money Breakthrough’.
Dr. Mani Pavitra parents 2 beautiful kids besides running 5 businesses and being a 7 figure investor and take it from her, she doesn’t spend 12 hours a day working.

NOTE FROM THE COACH : Remember!! You don’t have the time to experiment. We put in 10 years researching the best investment strategies and put them in one place. So that you don’t have to make the mistakes we made. Learn quickly, be better.

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